Booster Club

The Siegel High School Football Booster Club is organized to support and promote the football program at Siegel High School. The club raises money through various projects annually to supplement the football programs budget. The club helps buy equipment, provides pre-game and post-game meals, bus transportation and other needs that often the school provided budget alone cannot provide.

We want to strongly encourage everyone to attend, meetings are the first Monday of every month. Your voices and ideas can be heard. YOU can make a difference for your son and this program. We WILL, with YOUR help, give OUR football program the means to operate smoothly.

Siegel Star

Booster Club Contacts                                                           

Ross Dewberry - 615-804-4592

Dee Jernigan - 615-812-6825

Lisa Marshall - 615-785-4054

Laura Carignan - 615-426-5676

Media Guide & Advertising:
Tiffany Briley - 615-504-0933

Freshman Class Representative:
Peggy Woodard - 615-406-9771

Sophomore Class Representative:
Alethea Murray - 615-238-4436

Junior Class Representative:
Andrea Coleman - 615-631-2971

Senior Class Representative:
Eric Snyder - 615-542-6368

Star Shack Representative:
Pascal Kanyangira 615-556-0040

Middle School Games Concession Lead:
Eric Bargatze (Junior Parent) - 615-594-2164

Freshman/JV Game Concession Lead:
Carl Hollis (Senior Parent) - 615-796-0243

Varsity Game Concession Lead:
Kathy Frye - 615-653-3005